POV – Hermione Granger Wish’ten Nasıl Satın Aldın?


Selim was walking through the bustling streets of Istanbul when he noticed a small bookshop tucked away in a corner. Intrigued, he decided to step inside and explore. The shelves were filled with a wide variety of books – from classic literature to contemporary bestsellers.

As Selim made his way through the aisles, a book caught his eye. It was a collection of short stories by a Turkish author named Ayşe. He couldn’t resist buying the book and headed home to start reading.

As he delved into the first story, Selim was captivated by Ayşe’s writing style. Her words painted vivid images in his mind, and he found himself lost in the world she had created. With each story, he became more and more engrossed, unable to put the book down.

By the time Selim finished the last story, he felt a sense of awe and inspiration. Ayşe’s storytelling had touched something deep within him, sparking a newfound love for literature. He knew that this book would hold a special place on his bookshelf forever.

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Added on: February 20, 2024